Modify Inventory

Entity Action Type

Modifies the items from either the entity's inventory or a power that uses the Inventory (Power Type).

Type ID: origins:modify_inventory


Field Type Default Description
inventory_type Inventory Type "inventory" Determines whether to modify the items in the inventory of the entity or the inventory of a power present in the entity.
entity_action Entity Action Type optional If specified, this action will be executed on the entity before the items are modified.
item_action Item Action Type The action to be executed on the affected items.
item_condition Item Condition Type optional If specified, only items which fulfill this condition will be affected by specified action.
slot Item Slot optional If specified, only items in the designated slot will be modified.
slots Array of Item Slots optional If specified, only items in the designated slots will be modified.
power Identifier optional If specified, the items in the inventory of this power will be modified instead of the items in the entity's inventory if inventory_type is set to "power".
process_mode Process Mode "stacks" Determines how the affected item stacks in the specified inventory are modified.
limit Integer 0 Determines the max amount of times the action should modify item stacks in the inventory. If the specified value is <= 0, then there will be no limit.


"entity_action": {
    "type": "origins:modify_inventory",
    "inventory_type": "power",
    "power": "origins:extra_inventory",
    "item_action": {
        "type": "origins:consume"

This example will consume each item in the inventory of the origins:extra_inventory power, decreasing their count by 1.

"entity_action": {
    "type": "origins:modify_inventory",
    "item_condition": {
        "type": "origins:armor_value",
        "comparison": ">",
        "compare_to": 0
    "item_action": {
        "type": "origins:damage",
        "amount": 1,
        "ignore_unbreaking": true

This example will slightly damage all items with an armor value.