Power Type

Provides an inventory that can be opened with the specified Key; may or may not persist on death.

Type ID: origins:inventory


Field Type Default Description
title String "container.inventory" The translation key or literal text to use as the display name for the inventory.
container_type Container Type "dropper" Determines what type of container the inventory will be similar to.
drop_on_death Boolean false When this is set to true, the player will drop the items in the inventory on death (vanishing items will vanish!).
drop_on_death_filter Item Condition Type optional If this is set, only item stacks matching this condition will be dropped on death.
recoverable Boolean true Determines if the content of the inventory should be dropped upon losing the power.
key Key {"key": ""} Which active key this power should respond to.


    "type": "origins:inventory",
    "container_type": "hopper",
    "drop_on_death": false,
    "key": {
        "key": "key.hotbar.9"

This example will allow the player to open an inventory similar to a Hopper; consisting only of 5 slots but does not drop on death.

    "type": "origins:inventory",
    "drop_on_death": true,
    "drop_on_death_filter": {
        "type": "origins:food",
        "inverted": true

This example will allow the player to open a 9-slots inventory of which only non-food items will drop on death.