List of Feature Renderers

Name Description
armor The armor that an entity is wearing.
cape The cape that a player might have.
cat_collar The collar of a tamed Cat.
deadmau5 The mouse ears that the official Deadmau5 Minecraft account has on its head.
dolphin_held_item The item in a Dolphin's mouth that appears when the Dolphin is playing with the said item.
drowned_overlay The outer layer of the Drowned's texture (clothes, vegetation, etc.).
elytra The elytra on the back of an entity. Also works for elytras from the Elytra Flight (Power Type).
enderman_block The block an Enderman is holding.
energy_swirl_overlay The animated swirling texture that appears on a Creeper (when charged) and a Wither Boss (when at half health).
eyes The glow-in-the-dark eyes of a Spider, Cave Spider and Enderman.
fox_held_item The item in a Fox's mouth.
head The non-armor item on an entity's head.
held_item The item in the hands of a bipedal mob.
horse_armor The armor on a Horse that appears when the Horse is wearing an armor.
horse_marking The patterns on a Horse. (See Minecraft Wiki: Horse (Appearance))
iron_golem_crack The cracks on an Iron Golem that appears when the Iron Golem is damaged.
iron_golem_flower The flowers and vines that appears on an Iron Golem.
llama_decor The decoration on a Llama that appears when a Llama is wearing a certain carpet. (See Minecraft Wiki: Llama (Decoration))
mooshroom_mushroom The mushrooms on the back of Mooshrooms.
panda_held_item The item a Panda is holding that appears when the Panda is eating.
saddle The saddle on a Pig or any mobs that can have saddles.
sheep_wool The wool coat of a Sheep.
shoulder_parrot The parrot(s) perching on a player.
shulker_head The head of a Shulker.
slime_overlay The translucent, jelly-like part of a Slime.
snowman_pumpkin The pumpkin on the head of a Snow Golem.
stray_overlay The teared clothing of a Stray.
stuck_objects The objects that can get stuck to a player, like Arrows or Bee Stingers.
trident_riptide The animated swirling texture that appears when a player uses a Trident that has the Riptide enchantment.
tropical_fish_color The patterns on top of a Tropical Fish's base color (See Minecraft Wiki: Tropical Fish (Varieties))
villager_clothing The biome-dependent clothes of a Villager.
villager_held_item The item that a Villager presents in their arms when a player holds an item that they want to buy.
wolf_collar The collar of a tamed Wolf.