Badge JSON Format

This is the format of a JSON Object/file describing a badge. A badge displays an icon after the name of a power in the power list of the Origins GUI screen.

Badge JSON files need to be placed inside the data/<namespace>/badges folder of your datapack. The said files can be referenced as namespace:path/to/badge (data/namespace/badges/path/to/badge.json) in the badges field of a Power (JSON) file.

Depending on the chosen type, badge JSONs have more required and optional fields. See the corresponding badge type page for a description of what those fields are.


Field Type Default Description
type Badge Type "origins:keybind" The namespace and ID of the desired badge type.


    "type": "origins:tooltip",
    "sprite": "origins:textures/gui/badge/star.png",
    "text": "A gold star!"

This example will display the origins:textures/gui/badge/star.png texture alongside a text that says "A gold star!"