Power Type

Launches the entity that has the power upwards upon pressing the specified Key.

Type ID: origins:launch


Field Type Default Description
cooldown Integer 1 Interval of ticks this power needs to recharge before the power can be triggered again.
speed Float The speed applied to the player in the upwards direction.
hud_render Hud Render optional Determines how the cooldown of this power is visualized on the HUD.
sound Identifier optional If specified, the sound event with this namespace and ID will be played when the power is triggered.
key Key optional Which active key this power should respond to.


    "type": "origins:launch",
    "cooldown": 600,
    "hud_render": {
        "bar_index": 4
    "sound": "",
    "speed": 2,
    "key": {
        "key": "",
        "continuous": true

This example will launch the player into the air, with a cooldown of 30 seconds.