Power Type

Provides a cooldown; can be used for providing cooldowns to power types that do not have a built-in cooldown or as a simple timer.

Type ID: origins:cooldown


This power type provides a cooldown that can be triggered with the Trigger Cooldown (Entity Action Type) and Change Resource (Entity Action Type), and check the value of with the Resource (Entity Condition Type).


Field Type Default Description
cooldown Integer Interval of ticks this power needs to recharge before the power can be triggered again.
hud_render Hud Render {"should_render": false} Determines how the cooldown of this power is visualized on the HUD.


    "type": "origins:cooldown",
    "cooldown": 200,
    "hud_render": {
        "should_render": true,
        "bar_index": 3

This example will provide a cooldown that will last for 10 seconds, and display the 4th resource bar sprite from the default sprite sheet.