Entity Condition Type

Checks the level of an enchantment on the entity's equipment.

Type ID: origins:enchantment


Field Type Default Description
enchantment Identifier The namespace and ID of the enchantment of interest.
calculation String "sum" Which number to compare - either the sum of levels of this enchantment on all of the player's equipment, or the max level of this enchantment on any of the player's equipment.
comparison Comparison How the enchantment level should be compared to the specified value.
compare_to Integer The value to compare the enchantment level to.


"condition": {
    "type": "origins:enchantment",
    "enchantment": "minecraft:protection",
    "calculation": "sum",
    "comparison": ">=",
    "compare_to": 16

This condition will check whether the entity is wearing a full set of Protection IV armor (or better, which might be possible with mods).