Data Type

An Object that specifies the X, Y and Z coordinates of a certain point in space.


Field Type Default Description
x Float 0.0 The X coordinate of the point.
y Float 0.0 The Y coordinate of the point.
z Float 0.0 The Z coordinate of the point.


"entity_action": {
    "type": "origins:spawn_particles",
    "particle": {
        "type": "minecraft:block",
        "params": "minecraft:redstone_block"
    "count": 16,
    "speed": 0.0,
    "force": true,
    "spread": {
        "x": 3.0,
        "y": 0.0,
        "z": 3.0

A Spawn Particles (Entity Action Type) that spawns a cuboid of about 5x0x5 in size, which has a volume of 25 blocks.

"condition": {
    "type": "origins:distance_from_coordinates",
    "offset": {
        "x": 256,
        "y": 64,
        "z": 32
    "shape": "sphere",
    "comparison": "<",
    "compare_to": 8

A Distance from Coordinates (Entity Condition Type) that checks if the entity is within an 8 blocks radius relative to the specified coordinates (X: 256, Y: 64, Z: 32).