Orb of Origin


An item that can change the origin(s) of the player upon "use" (right-click).

By default, the Orb of Origins item doesn't have a crafting recipe and lets you pick an origin for every origin layer that's available. You can change either of these things by creating a recipe (JSON file) for the item, and giving the item a custom NBT respectively.

Item ID: origins:orb_of_origin

Creating a custom recipe

You can use this website to easily create a recipe. To create a recipe for the Orb of Origins item using the website, you can follow these steps:

  1. In the 'Ingredients' section on the right side, click on the 'Add Item' button.
  2. Enter Orb of Origin inside the 'Name' text box and origins:orb_of_origin inside the 'Id' text box.
  3. Click the 'Add' button and drag-and-drop the newly added item that has a black and pink texture into the crafting result slot just beside the crafting grid slots.
  4. Create your own pattern.
  5. Download as a datapack by clicking on the 'Download datapack.zip' button below.

Origin (and origin layer) specific Orb

You can add the Targets NBT to the item so that you can only pick a certain origin/from a certain origin layer by using the Orb of Origin.


give @s origins:orb_of_origin{Targets: [{Origin: "origins:avian", Layer: "origins:origin"}]}

In this example, this will set your origin to "Avian" if you were to use the given Orb of Origin.