Spawn Particles

Entity Action Type

Spawns particles on the body of the entity that has the power for visual effects.

Type ID: origins:spawn_particles


Field Type Default Description
particle Particle Effect The particle type that will be spawned.
count Integer How much of the specified particle type will be spawned.
speed Float 0.0 Determines the speed of the specified particle type.
force Boolean false If set to true, the specified particle type that will be spawned can be seen from a far distance.
spread Vector {"x": 0.5, "y": 0.25, "z": 0.5} Determines the size of the three-dimensional cuboid volume to spawn the specified particle type in.
offset_y Float 0.5 The offset of where the particle will be centered in the Y axis.


"entity_action": {
    "type": "origins:spawn_particles",
    "particle": {
        "type": "minecraft:block",
        "params": "minecraft:redstone_block"
    "count": 16,
    "speed": 0.0,
    "force": true,
    "spread": {
        "x": 3.0,
        "y": 0.0,
        "z": 3.0

This example will spawn a particle cuboid that is about 5x0x5 in size that will use the Redstone Block texture.