List of keybindings


Identifier In-Game Name Default Active Power (Primary) G Active Power (Secondary) Unbound View Origin O


Identifier In-Game Name Default
key.sprint Sprint Left Control
key.forward Walk Forwards W
key.left Strafe Left A
key.back Walk Backwards S
key.right Strafe Right D
key.jump Jump Space
key.inventory Open/Close Inventory E
key.drop Drop Selected Item Q
key.swapOffhand Swap Item With Offhand F Open Chat T
key.sneak Sneak Left Shift
key.playerlist List Player Tab
key.attack Attack/Destroy Left Button
key.use Use Item/Place Block Right Button
key.pickItem Pick Block Middle Button
key.command Open Command -
key.screenshot Take Screenshot F2
key.togglePerspective Toggle Perspective F5
key.smoothCamera Toggle Cinematic Camera Unbound
key.fullscreen Toggle Fullscreen F11
key.spectatorOutlines Highlight Players (Spectators) Unbound
key.hotbar.1 Hotbar Slot 1 1
key.hotbar.2 Hotbar Slot 2 2
key.hotbar.3 Hotbar Slot 3 3
key.hotbar.4 Hotbar Slot 4 4
key.hotbar.5 Hotbar Slot 5 5
key.hotbar.6 Hotbar Slot 6 6
key.hotbar.7 Hotbar Slot 7 7
key.hotbar.8 Hotbar Slot 8 8
key.hotbar.9 Hotbar Slot 9 9
key.saveToolbarActivator Save Hotbar Activator X
key.loadToolbarActivator Load Hotbar Activator C
key.advancements Advancements L