Spawn Entity

Entity Action Type

Spawns another entity at the position of the target entity.

Type ID: origins:spawn_entity


Field Type Default Description
entity_type Identifier The namespace and ID of the entity type that will be spawned.
tag String optional If specified, this NBT data will be applied to the entity that will be spawned.
entity_action Entity Action Type optional If specified, the specified entity action type will be executed on the entity that will be spawned when it is spawned.


"entity_action": {
    "type": "origins:spawn_entity",
    "entity_type": "minecraft:zombie",
    "tag": "{NoAI:1b,IsBaby:1,HandItems:[{id:\"minecraft:gold_block\",Count:1},{}]}"

This example will spawn a baby Zombie holding a Gold Block that has no AI at the position of the entity.