Self Action When Hit

Power Type

Executes an Entity Action Type on the entity that has the power when the entity takes damage.

Type ID: origins:self_action_when_hit


Field Type Default Description
entity_action Entity Action Type The action to execute on the entity.
cooldown Integer 1 Interval of ticks this power needs to recharge before the power can be triggered again.
hud_render Hud Render optional If specified, determines how the cooldown of this power is visualized on the HUD.
damage_condition Damage Condition Type optional If specified, the specified action will only execute if the damage taken fulfills this condition.


    "type": "origins:self_action_when_hit",
    "entity_action": {
        "type": "origins:apply_effect",
        "effect": {
            "effect": "minecraft:regeneration",
            "amplifier": 1,
            "duration": 200
    "damage_condition": {
        "type": "origins:amount",
        "comparison": ">=",
        "compare_to": 6.0
    "cooldown": 1200

When a player with this power is damaged by 3 hearts or more damage in a single hit, they gain a Regeneration II effect for 10 seconds. This has a cooldown of one minute.