Attacker Action When Hit

Power Type

Executes an entity action on the attacker entity when the entity that has the power is hit by another entity.

Type ID: origins:attacker_action_when_hit


Field Type Default Description
entity_action Entity Action Type The action to execute on the attacker.
cooldown Integer 1 Interval of ticks this power needs to recharge before the power can be triggered again.
damage_condition Damage Condition Type optional If set, the action will only trigger when this condition holds for the damage that was dealt by the attacker.
hud_render Hud Render optional If specified, determines how the cooldown of this power is visualized on the HUD.


  "type": "origins:attacker_action_when_hit",
  "entity_action": {
    "type": "origins:add_velocity",
    "y": 2
  "cooldown": 20

This example will add positive-Y axis velocity to the attacker of the entity that has the power, essentially launching them up into the air.