Action When Damage Taken

Power Type

Executes an Entity Action Type on the entity that has the power if the entity has taken damage.

Type ID: origins:action_when_damage_taken


Field Type Default Description
entity_action Entity Action Type The action to be executed upon taking damage.
damage_condition Damage Condition Type optional If specified, the action will only trigger when this condition holds for the specified type of damage.
cooldown Integer Interval of ticks this power needs to recharge before the power can be triggered again.
hud_render Hud Render {"should_render": false} Determines how the cooldown of this power is visualized on the HUD.


    "type": "origins:action_when_damage_taken",
    "entity_action": {
        "type": "origins:execute_command",
        "command": "say ow! i'm burning!"
    "damage_condition": {
        "type": "origins:fire"
    "cooldown": 1

This example will execute an Execute Command (Entity Action Type) that will execute a /say command that will display a "[ENTITYNAME] ow! i'm burning!" in chat if the entity has taken fire-related damage source.