Entity Condition Type

Compares the score of the entity from a specified scoreboard objective to a specified value.

Type ID: origins:scoreboard


If the player does not have the scoreboard objective, this condition would always return false (even if "!=" is used). You can then use the "!=" comparison in combination with the "==" comparison to test if the player does not have this objective set (for example, if a player has newly joined a world or had their objectives reset).


This condition is only effective server-side. That means client-side power types such as origins:climbing, origins:entity_glow, origins:shader, etc. won't work with this.


Field Type Default Description
name String optional If specified, the condition will check for the score of this score holder.
objective String The name of the scoreboard objective to retrieve the value from and compare.
comparison Comparison How to compare the objective's value to the specified value.
compare_to Integer The value to compare the objective's value to.


"condition": {
    "type": "origins:scoreboard",
    "objective": "obj",
    "comparison": ">",
    "compare_to": 3

This example will check if the score of the player in the obj scoreboard objective is greater than 3.