Block In Radius

Entity Condition Type

Checks whether there is a specified number of blocks that fulfills the specified Block Condition Type within a specified radius relative to the entity's feet.

Type ID: origins:block_in_radius


Field Type Default Description
block_condition Block Condition Type The block condition type to check for.
radius Integer The radius of the area to check how many blocks fulfill the block_condition.
shape String "cube" Determines the shape of the radius. Accepts "cube", "star" or "sphere".
comparison Comparison ">=" Determines how the amount of blocks which fulfill block_condition block condition should be compared to the specified value.
compare_to Integer 1 The value at which the amount of blocks which fulfill block_condition will be compared to.


"condition": {
    "type": "origins:block_in_radius",
    "block_condition": {
        "type": "origins:in_tag",
        "tag": "origins:natural_stone"
    "radius": 1,
    "shape": "cube",
    "comparison": ">=",
    "compare_to": 4

This example will check if 4 or more blocks that is included in the origins:natural_stone (data/origins/tags/blocks/natural_stone.json) block tag is within a 1 block radius relative from the entity.