Area of Effect

Block Action Type

Executes the provided Block Action Type on all blocks within the specified radius and shape.

Type ID: origins:area_of_effect


Field Type Default Description
block_action Block Action Type The action to apply to the blocks.
radius Integer 16 Determines the radius of the area to execute the action on.
shape String "cube" The shape in which to affect blocks, accepts cube, star or sphere.
block_condition Block Condition Type optional If specified, the specified action will only apply to blocks that fulfill this condition.


"block_action": {
    "type": "origins:area_of_effect",
    "radius": 16,
    "shape": "cube",
    "block_action": {
        "type": "origins:modify_block_state",
        "property": "waterlogged",
        "value": false

This example will make all waterloggable blocks not waterlogged within 16 blocks radius with a shape of a cube.

"block_action": {
    "type": "origins:area_of_effect",
    "radius": 4,
    "shape": "star",
    "block_action": {
        "type": "origins:set_block",
        "block": "minecraft:air"
    "block_condition": {
        "type": "origins:in_tag",
        "tag": "minecraft:dragon_immune",
        "inverted": true

This example will replace all blocks that aren't included in the #minecraft:dragon_immune block tag with air within a 4 blocks radius with a shape of a star.